Fix blurry font after translate %
Posted at 2019-07-10

Fix blurry font after translate %

function roundCssTransformMatrix(element){
        var el = document.getElementById(element);
        var mx = window.getComputedStyle(el, null); //gets the current computed style""; //resets the redifined matrix to allow recalculation, the original style should be defined in the class not inline.
            mx = mx.getPropertyValue("-webkit-transform") ||
            mx.getPropertyValue("-moz-transform") ||
            mx.getPropertyValue("-ms-transform") ||
            mx.getPropertyValue("-o-transform") ||
            mx.getPropertyValue("transform") || false;
console.log('before:', mx)
        var values = mx.replace(/ |\(|\)|matrix/g,"").split(",");
console.log('after replace:', values)
        for(var v in values) {  values[v]=Math.ceil(values[v]);  }
console.log('after ceil:', values.join()) = "matrix("+values.join()+")"
        //$("#"+element).css({ transform:"matrix("+values.join()+")" } );


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